Tales of the Paladin
49 No Mercy for Scums
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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49 No Mercy for Scums

"Ah! It's...It's you!"

The members of the brotherhood were startled by the sudden appearance of three individuals and a small white wolf. Naturally, they were Yan, Rae, Rosella and Snow. Only the scout knew who they were.

Though surprised, with their numbers and vast experience, they were not bit afraid. These three individuals looked really young. Thus, they concluded that they were not strong. The man who died was one of the weakest of the squad, so his death did not bother them.

One by one, all of the members of the squad let out a murderous aura and slowly unsheathe their weapons. They immediately surround Yan and his party. One of the leaders who led the small squad stepped forward while pointing his crude broadsword towards Yan.

"Who are you? How dare kill one of members of the Red-Bandana Brotherhood?!"

"Why can't we kill him? I heard him talk nonsense towards my wives a while ago. Of course we kill him."

"Hmmp! Why don't we dare? Having such filthy mouth, he deserved death!"

Yan and Rosella was unafraid of the man's intimidation while Rae was still cold as ever. When the squad were slowly approaching their camp, with his superior sensing abilities, he heard the guy spouting humiliating words describing what he would do if they were to successfully capture his wives.

Rosella and Rae also heard the man's nonsense. With Rosella's fiery attitude, she decided to kill the man with a Shadow Bolt. Even if Rosella were to left the man off, Yan would have killed him.

The leader frowned with Yan's and Rosella's attitude. The scout moved forward and whispered something to his ears then proceeded to run towards the far back. His anger vanished then he suddenly laughed out loud, maniacally.

"Oh. So, you're our targets! It's good that you decided to show yourselves voluntarily. This is great. Things will be easier this way. Hahaha!"

All the members of the brotherhood looked towards the two mesmerising beauties beside Yan. Greed and lust flashed through everyone's eyes. Rae looked cold, pure and untouchable while Rosella was breathtakingly sexy with her curves that will suck one's soul out.

"These beauties are your wives, kid? You sure are lucky! How about you share your wives with us, huh? We're all men of culture here. How about they strip naked while they entertain each one of my brothers. Don't worry, we'll be gentle. Hehehe."

"Kid, you better show your respect towards us! Don't you know who we are? We're members of the Red-Bandana Brotherhood! We have the hegemony of these parts of the forest. If you don't want to die without a burial ground, you better follow our words! Consider it your bad luck having such gorgeous babes following you."

"Yeah. Don't worry, ladies. We're better at bed than your puny husband. We'll show you what a real man is! We'll have some great time tonight. Hehehe."

Any person of these parts of the forest were to hear the name of the brotherhood would be scared witless. They've done many times in the past. If one were to defy them, a cruel death would follow.

Everyone licked their lips while staring at these two beauties. Some are already getting hard ons just by imagining the sexy naked bodies of Rae and Rosella. They were truly the most beautiful women they've ever seen!

After hearing the man's words, without further talks, Yan immediately summoned Mjolnir. Dark thunderclouds immediately gathered in the night sky above them.


"Mjolnir, come forth!"


The light almost blinded everyone but it immediately dimmed down. Yan's extruded aura of a god descended in the earth. Purple lightning swirled Mjolnir and spewed in his eyes. He was furious! In this world, one can say that his weakness is his deep love for his wives and family.


The brotherhood got out of daze and turned their attention towards Yan. Fear crept into everyone's bodies. Some where already kneeling while others peed their pants by the godly aura he was emitting. They all greatly underestimated the young man in front of them thinking he was easy to bully.

"You...who are you? What the fuck do you want?! You better think your action twice, kid!"

The leader fearfully asked Yan, who was slowly walking towards him, while the sword in his hands were trembling in fear. They really hit an iron wall this time! Yan only smirked.

"We know who you are. We know what you are and what you've done. You're the type of people that I hate the most. You all deserve to die. I will show no mercy for scums like you."

"You...you dare?! Everyone, they're just three! Don't be afraid! We've outnumbered them. Let's kill this motherfucker! Die!"

"Die, you fucker!"


All men charged towards Yan. As they were wanted men, they do not posses the skills that were taught at the capital. Yan swung Mjolnir.





"Stop! Stop!"



It only took a few of moments to turn the group of men into puddles of blood.

"No...no...please. Have mercy!"

In just short time, fifteen members of the Red-Bandana Brotherhood died. The scout couldn't have imagined that their suppose 'easy targets' would be so strong, enough to kill all of them without getting a chance for resistance!

He, who was at the far back, was the only one to remained with his life intact but he knew that the only reason he's still living is because they let him. Seeing all his brothers dead and their killers are staring at him, he got so scared that he soiled his pants. He kneeled with his knees and forehead on the ground.

"Sir, Madams, be magnanimous. Please, don't kill me!"

"Pathetic. Looking at your outfit, you're also part of the infamous Red-Bandana Brotherhood, right?"

Rosella stepped forward and ask the scout, looking at him with distain and with a sarcastic voice. The scout slowly nodded but kept his head down, afraid of looking at their eyes.

"Hmmp! It is as I thought. Honey, you can kill him too."


Hearing their words, the scout's heart trembled. He repeatedly bowed his head with force on to the ground as blood trickled from his forehead. He was frantically crying with drools and snout allover his face.

"No! Please, be magnanimous! Have mercy with this lowly person!"

"Hmmp! Then you better give us a good reason not to kill you."

"I...I...I can tell you the location of our base!"

The scout was very desperate. In order to not die, he wouldn't hesitate to betray his comrades.

"Oh. Hohoho. You'll even betray your friends just like that, huh? Truly scums of the earth. Then, stand up and lead us!"

"Really?! Yes! Yes! Thank you. This way, please!"
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