Tales of the Paladin
51 Mending the Broken
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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51 Mending the Broken

As Yan walked further inside the cave, inexplicable sadness rushed inside his heart. He felt both extreme anger and sadness.

Foul stench of stagnant air and excrement wafted through the air as dozens of men and women, ranging from young to adult, were held captive in an extreme condition.

Naked men and women were held in metal chains while children in torn clothes were inside thick metal cages. Some were beaten black and blue while others were left for dead.

Without Yan noticing, a tear drop from his eye. He knew how cruel this world was but he never knew the extents of cruelty the people would do.

'Catriona, why do people do this kinds of things? Death by a single attack was going easy for those bastards.'

[I don't know why, Master. But what I know is that when Master slowly climbs up to the peak, Master will encounter even more situation like this or worse. Master may be a single person but this is Master's mission and duty. Master must strengthen his will and use his weapon to punish those who do evil.]

'Okay. Thank you, Catriona.'

[You're always welcome, Master.]

Yan took a step forward and proceeded to unlock the metal cages with his hands. With Yan's current strength, breaking these metal locks were nothing to him.

The children inside were cooped up in the corner of the cage, trembling, afraid of the new person in front of them. As Yan opened to metal cage, he smiled gently towards the scared children inside.

"I'm a friend and I am here to rescue you. No need be afraid. I've already punished those bad people who hurt you."

One of the children inside the cage, not older than six years old, lifted her head to face Yan. Though slightly trembling, she stood up and asked Yan.

"Are you really going to help us, Big Brother? Are we going to see Mother and Father?"

"Yes. I'm here to bring you back to your family."

"Really? Yehey! Thank you, Big Brother!"


Yan hugged the child into his embrace and kissed her dirty cheeks. Though the child smelled poop and urine, it didn't bother him. One by one, Yan hugged every child in the cage without concern of their smell and appearance.

After that, Yan unlocked three more metal cages. The other prisoners inside cages saw Yan helping them, couldn't help but cry. It had been days since they were held captive but today, they're being saved.

After finishing unlocking all the metal cages, Yan then unhooked the men and women who were chained by the walls.

As Yan were helping them, they only looked him with dead eyes. Their mind and spirits had been broken long time ago by the great pains they have suffered. They have been physically and mentally tortured everyday for many days.

Yan brought out clean blankets inside his storage rings to cover their naked bodies.

Two person also arrived in the area. They were Rae and Rosella. After seeing the situation of the people inside, both of them couldn't help but also tear up. They hurriedly hugged the children. Seeing their reaction, Yan's heart warmed.

'I may be a single person but I know I'm not alone in this journey.'

Seeing two beautiful big sisters crying for them, they didn't get scared. Yan, Rae and Rosella looked at each others eyes. They love each other enough to know each other's thoughts. They smiled with each other then proceeded to talk towards the children.

"Children, these two beautiful sisters are my wives. There is a river near here, how about you follow them and clean yourselves? You all stink. Hahaha."

"Mm. Okay! Let's go, Big Sisters."

"Yes. Come, let Big Sister clean your bodies up."

One by one, the children enthusiastically followed Rae and Rosella. The only remaining were the people who had broken minds and dead ones.

'Catriona, how can I help them?'

[Master, you can. You have two skills named Divine Touch and Redemption. These are skill of an Evil Vanquisher - Paladin. The Divine Touch Level 5 can heal their bodies physically and mentally while Redemption Level 1 can resurrect newly dead person.]

'What? That's great! How much money it would cost to learn those skills then?'

[Divine Touch up to Level 5 will cost you 2,000 gold coins while Redemption Level 1 will cost you 3,000 gold coins, Master.]

'5,000 gold coins. It's almost half of our current money. Hmm. Maybe I will find later the leader's safe. Okay, teach me, Catriona.'

[Divine Touch Level 1 (Active Skill) learned. Congratulations!]

[Divine Touch Level 2 (Active Skill) learned. Congratulations!]

[Divine Touch Level 3 (Active Skill) learned. Congratulations!]

[Divine Touch Level 4 (Active Skill) learned. Congratulations!]

[Divine Touch Level 5 (Active Skill) learned. Congratulations!]

[Redemption Level 1 (Active Skill) learned. Congratulations!]

After learning the skills, following the skill's instructions, Yan held the forehead of a female captive. Yan's right hand glowed golden light.

• Divine Touch Level 5 - Transforms the users hands into of a divine that can heal the person he or she touched physically and mentally.

The glowing light from Yan's hand sipped into the woman's head and flowed all throughout her body. Warm feeling slowly wrapped around her as the scars in her body began to heal and her complexion became healthy.

The life of her eyes returned as she stared at Yan's handsome and gentle face. Tears flowed through her eyes. She hugged Yan tightly.

"Thank you! Thank you!"

"It's okay, you're safe now. Those people will not hurt you anymore."

After that, Yan healed each person who suffered physical and mental trauma. All of them cried as Yan hugged each men and women.

After healing them, he instructed them to follow the children outside to clean their bodies. Taking a good bath may help them mentally.

After that, Yan proceeded to try to resurrect the dead. He placed his palms in the chest of the dead woman who was full of wounds all over her her face and body. Divine light gushed from Yan's heart and flowed to heart of the dead woman.

• Redemption Level 1 - Will resurrect dead people who died within one week.

Gentle light flowed through the corpse. After a few moments, the woman weakly opened her eyes only to see Yan's gentle smile.

"I...I am not dead?"

"You're not anymore. Be still. I'll heal all your wounds."

After that, Yan used Redemption and Divine Touch repeatedly to all dead corpses in the cave. But some were not lucky as lucky as the woman. In order for the person to resurrect, the crucial parts of the body must be completely intact.

There was man who was beheaded and had his head crushed by a member of the brotherhood.

After finishing all the work needed, Yan stared at the people he just saved as he felt very happy inside. Unknowingly, his vision suddenly blurred as he passed out.
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