Tales of the Paladin
52 First, We Feast!
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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52 First, We Feast!

'Oh yeah. I fainted. My mana must have been exhausted with all those spells I've casted. Hmm. What is this soft and fragrant pillow?'

As Yan gradually opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a mesmerising face of a goddess looking right back at him.

She had a waist-long auburn hair and a cold presence. She was Rae. Right now, Yan's head was placed on her soft and smooth thighs.

A while ago, when Yan fainted, it was at the right moment when Rae wanted to check on him. She knew that Yan would be affected with the current situation. Maybe in this world, no one would had the most knowledge about Yan but her.

Rae had manage to grab him in his fall and catches him straight into her arms. Looking at his pale face and weakened body, Rae's heart pained.

She grabbed a soft blanket from her storage ring and placed both of them on the ground carefully. She sat down on the blanket as she slowly placed Yan's head on her lap and caressed his handsome face.

She then looked at the people who are around her. She was not surprised when the suppose dead came back to life as she believed her husband could do anything, much less revive the dead. Looking at their worried face, with her soft and angelic voice, she talked to them.

"Right now, my husband has exhausted all of his energy. You don't to worry about him because he will wake up soon after. You can go outside and clean your bodies. I'll stay here until he wakes up."

Looking at the caring gestures of Rae and the fainted Yan, they also wanted to say something but held back their words. They can only nod and slowly went outside their suppose graveyard, the cave.

It only took about thirty minutes for Yan to regain consciousness. With his unique physique, Yan's body had been working nonstop to recover his depleted mana.

Looking at the worried face of Rae, Yan felt warm inside. He stretched his arms as he cupped her beautiful face.

"I must have over exerted my body. I'm sorry for making you worry."

Hearing his words, Rae softly shook her head.

"It's okay. But please, take care of yourself too."

"I know. It's just that my heart pained looking at everyone else. Though we spent our whole childhood basically killing monsters, we've never seen anything like this before."

"Mm. My heart also pained when I looked at those children."

Yan slowly sat straight and looked at Rae's eyes. He place his both hands at her pinkish cheeks and said.

"I'll protect you with my life. I'll never let anything happen like that to you and Rosella. I love you."

"Mm. I know. I love you too."

Their face slowly drift towards each other and kissed. A kiss which was full of love and care, and without a speck of lust. A pure love's kiss of innocent hearts.

After a few of minutes later, the devilishly handsome Yan and the shy-blushing Rae emerged out from the cave while holding hands.

As they walked out, Yan saw Rosella looking at the both them. Seeing her concerned face, he couldn't help but felt loved. He temporarily let go of Rae's hand and hugged Rosella deeply. Rosella buried her face into his wide chest.

When she heard from one of the people they saved that Yan had collapsed after exhausting his energy, she wanted to rush inside to look after him but after realising that she was needed out here and Rae was also inside to take care of him, she manage to held back into her urge and stay. After seeing him walk out alright, she couldn't help but hug him back tightly.

"I'm right here. I'm alright."

Yan knew what she was exactly feeling inside. He couldn't help but feel guilty for worrying his beautiful wives. Maybe only in front of Yan would the fiery Rosella be this gentle and caring.

"Mm. I know. It's good that you're okay."

Couple of hours before daybreak, after Yan and his party raided each and everyone of the secret vaults of the brotherhood, the whole group started to leave these area where all of their nightmare started.

Thought going slowly, by walking in an another route, they manage to reach the place where Snow and the carriage are in less than an hour.

Some of the children who were fearless immediately run towards Snow and hugged his fluffy white fur.

"Big Sister, I'm hungry. I want to eat."

Penny, who was one of the children saved by Yan, slowly tugged Rosella's hands. All of the survivors were hungry after an hour of walking.

While imprisoned, they were given food once every two days while some are even starved for a week. Due to the magic Yan had casted on them, it took slowly for their stomachs to feel empty.

Hearing Penny's request, Yan couldn't help but chuckle. He pinched her cheeks and said.

"Don't worry, I'll cook for you. I'll also cook food for everyone. You may not know but this big brother can cook delicious foods."

"Really Big Brother?!"

"Yes. Everyone, sit down for a bit. I'll cook breakfast for all of us."


"Yehey! Thank you, Yan!"

"Thank you, Big Brother!"

The crowd cheered for Yan when he mentioned that he will cook food for them. Yan, with the help of Rae and Rosella, prepared food for everyone.

'Catriona, can you give me the recipes for food that can be made with these ingredients? Pick some that can help them regain their lost energy.'

[Yes, Master. I have a total of five recipes that are perfect for their body's needs. I'll transfer the recipes in your mind.]

'Nice. You're the best, Catriona!'

It only took a few moments for the smell of good food wafted the air. Yan managed to cook five different dishes in less than an hour. Though the varieties are limited, the amount of food he made was enough for all of them.
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